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mujer astronauta fucking machine dibujo collage erotica poesia arte desnudo


tongue, teeth, lips
make a travel in a bliss
lab ends in a bilabial kiss,
lab is in the space
it's a chair available for lab
to expand time-space and consciousness

a room, a seat for love, yeah,
on an airplane or ship
or nowhere if you want,
oh Bia,
in gravity of lab you wander
in a geostationary orbit
like your iris
a perfect circle deep,
the mass of your body moves
away from the Earth
in a lab ring groove

this is a grace lab experiment,
feeling the warmth of the cabin
protected from absolute zero
your body folds in your inner face
like a leaf that hasn't just fallen
spinning on your axis
and closed eyeballs synchronized
with the Earth you leaved

oh Bia,
let your fingers write the lead
of an impossible confinement,
let your hair point to the void
of an indefinable loss in space
and forget that stupid three dimensions

En la mitología griega, Bía (en griego Βία) era la personificación femenina de la fuerza, el poder, fuerza física y la compulsión. Asímismo, Βια (bía) signfica fuerza, energía corporal, vigor, robustez, vigor moral, violencia, coacción.
El texto es traducción de Google Tranlator de una serie de ideas planteadas al buscar en el diccionario las palabras lab, love, space y Βια.